I felt myself an artist in 1989 when I was 25 years old. It came out of 

nowhere. Without any art education, I, suddenly started painting and was 

immediately acknowledged by art critics. I was producing a lot of art. In the 

course of five years (from 1989 to 1993) I painted around 500 paintings and 

had many exhibitions. Several paintings were purchased by a famous 

collector Norton Dodge, one painting is in exposition of Art Zimmerli 

Museum in USA. 
This is an article by an art critic Larisa Skobkina, published at that 

"Series of works created by Valeriy Khattin in summer 1989 brought him a big 

fame. Created in calm ocher shades, laconic and tensely concentrated it 

is fascinating with its philosophy. The art critic of Russian Art Museum 

S.M.Zhavoronkova called this series of paintings "People Under God". The 

little people are lost in a vast, dull colored landscape, vis-a-vis with 

Nature and World Creation.The paintings are created in a very short time 

period with an enormous concentration of power. 
This painting series brought the artist respect from art community and a

significant commercial success.His works were purchased by private owners, 

galleries, and were exported abroad. It seemed that the artist has found

himself, created his unique style that could have been developed further 

and further. In these circumstances,there is always a danger of a mass 

production, especially if the demand is stable and high. Fortunately,the 

Young artist was not seduced by the easy path, exhausting the inner urge 

for this topic, in contrast, he suddenly and rapidly changes his style and

subject,not listening to the customer's demand. New cycles of paintings 

appear. The artist is blown away by the brightness of landscapes. Created 

with energetic big brush strokes, his new art pieces are a melody of 

beautiful colors, giving birth to a vibrant space. The artist is opposing 

the ascetic spirituality acquired in his "Ocher Series" with bright joyful 

Nature, transformed and illuminated by the Sun." 

In 1993 the artist is giving up painting, because he can not create 

paintings any more. It is followed by 22 years of silence in painting. 

Transition to film and computer graphic design. Was working as a clip 

maker. Created music video clips for Aquarium, Korol i Shyt, Tatyana 

Bylanova, Ivantseva,etc. 
In 2012 Valeriy starts intensively creating new artworks. The paintings of 

the new period are absolutely different from his previous ones. But just as 

before, the artist is taking his inspiration from his childhood memories, 

fantasies and possibly from a real communication with the Spirit of the